New Orleans, Louisiana, May 16, 2022 — Pro-Lab Diagnostics showcased their high complexity Molecular Mobile Laboratory Trailer in New Orleans last week on the set of a major studio production. With COVID-19 testing restrictions still being implemented by SAG- The Safe Way Forward* production companies can find a quick, easy, and effective solution to COVID-19 sample collection and testing with our on-site molecular laboratory.

Pro-Lab Diagnostics’ Chief Operations Officer, Daniel S. Portillo explains the importance and urgency that these producers are facing and how Pro-Lab Diagnostics’ mobile trailer reduces the stress of COVID-19 testing and management.


Interview with Portillo:

What does the High Complexity Molecular Mobile Laboratory Trailer do?

Portillo – “The high complexity molecular mobile laboratory trailer is equipped with the Pro-Lab’s very own technologies to perform diagnostic testing for COVID-19. It is specialized to perform COVID-19 sample collection and testing within the same-day. Due to the methodologies that Pro-Lab Diagnostics has implemented into this trailer, production staff can now receive their COVID-19 results within hours instead of days.”

Why is this Molecular Mobile Trailer so important for these productions?

Portillo – “Production companies are still required by SAG to perform COVID-19 testing for their productions. The Safe Way Forward* is a guideline stating who should be tested, when they need to be tested and how often. Productions are pressured to stay on budget, produce their movies and ensure that everyone is getting COVID tested properly and efficiently. Pro-Lab Diagnostics takes away the stress and pressure by ensuring everyone on set is tested when they need to be, and results are received during the timeframe required by SAG.”

What is the full service that Pro-Lab Diagnostics offers?

Portillo – “We offer an on-site high complexity mobile laboratory trailer on-site. Fastest COVID-19 turnaround times due to specialized technologies. Highly trained, Clinical COVID Compliance Officer (CCO), if needed. Friendly professional clinical staff. In-house HIPPA compliant software for reporting and collection management. Clear communication and details about our collection and software processes.”

Who were some of the individuals that you met onsite?

Portillo – “Thanks to Andre Champagne, CCO of Acton, and James Bruce, Finance Director at Hollywood Media Bridge and Charles Grice, Pro-Lab Technical Supervisor, we had the opportunity to meet with amazing leaders who make these films possible. Some of those leaders include Carroll Morton, the Louisiana Film Commissioner, Patrick Mulhearn, Senior Director at Louisiana Economic Development, Second Line Studio Administration, and The Ranch administration.

Who else can use the molecular mobile laboratory other than productions?

Portillo – “Anyone can use this service. We have performed at all types of events – festivals, athletic games, public health initiatives, corporate testing. We test regularly for professional/major sports teams and university teams. Most importantly the public has 7-Day access to our fully operational drive thru in Round Rock, TX.”

About Pro-Lab Diagnostics

Pro-Lab Diagnostics is a high complexity laboratory that specializes in the design, development, and speed of molecular laboratory testing. Our patient-focused processes are designed with the highest quality in mind for the clinicians and physicians that we serve. We offer fast, reliable, and secure results with our customized, highly accurate molecular program and in-house custom HIPAA compliant software.


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