Total Solution to COVID-19 Compliance for Film & TV Productions

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Total Solution Services Include:

Fastest - Same-day turnaround times averaging less than 60 min with onsite availability and 24 hours for collection.

Expertise - Amazon Prime. Major Sports Teams. Provided reliable results to over 500,000 individuals in Texas and the surrounding states with on-site testing for entire cast & crew. 

Accurate - Medically trained staff with coverage in all 50 states. 95% Accuracy with high throughput proprietary rapid PCR. FDA & EUA Approved. 

High Capacity - Daily volume can be over 10,000 samples/day with capacity of growing to larger volumes.

Reporting - We handle patient notification & reporting to the appropriate government agencies for all test results. Reporting is provided through our own HIPAA compliant cloud-based software.

Pain Free - Our test utilizes an Anterior Nares Swab that is quick and easy with little to no discomfort in 30s or less.

Quality - Licensed and insured in the US - exceeding all production insurance mandates & requirements. Exceeds all production union guidelines for COVID testing, including but not limited to: DGA, IBT, IATSE & SAG-AFTRA

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40-foot Mobile Laboratory

Available for On-site Collection & Testing

Less than 4 HOUR Turnaround Times

CCO & Medically Trained Staff Available

Pain Free Collection Swab



What is a CCO?

COVID Compliance Officer.

These officers are part of the Health Safety Team. The CCO (also referred to as Health Safety Supervisor, HSS) will be the final authority on COVID matters and cannot be overruled in their efforts and activities to enforce COVID-19 related safety practices (A Safe Way Forward, 2021).


Who needs a CCO?

All in-person Film & TV productions.

The CCO hires and coordinates the necessary COVID-19 medical staff and is responsible for COVID-19-related health safety for the production. The CCO work primarily with the Producers, UPM, 1st AD/Key SM and Health Safety Team.

Overview of the Responsibilities of the CCO Team

  • In charge of the testing process
  • Ensures all cast & crew complete a daily attestation from to screen symptoms and exposure
  • Monitors catering and craft services
  • Ensures all sets, locations and workplaces are managed during use for assessment of ventilation, air filtration, and disinfecting all surfaces
  • Coordinates placement of hand washing, sanitizing, and disinfection stations
  • Authority to stop 1st AD/Key SM and ask for a meeting to revise health safety instructions
  • Sets up and maintains medical checkpoints
  • Assists with stocking and restocking PPE (Production provides all PPE)
  • Coordinates the Zone System for security and health instructions
  • Purchases and places hand sanitizer stations along production
  • For more information on the CCO, review the The Safe Way Forward. A joint report for production guidelines from the DGA, SAG-AFTRA, IATSE & Teamsters' Committees.

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