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Pro-Lab Diagnostics Paves a Way for Public Health Initiatives

Posted by Pro-Lab Diagnostics Team on Nov 24, 2021 2:07:46 PM



Mosquitoes. Just reading the name of the insect can make you itch. While mosquitoes have never been shone in a positive light, they are proven to benefit our ecosystem.

However, mosquitoes are known for carrying arboviruses that have life altering effects including West Nile Virus.

The Tangipahoa Mosquito Abatement District, located an hour away from New Orleans, focuses on the disease management of these tiny critters. They do this for two reasons: (1) to ensure a healthy community from disease, such as West Nile Virus, and (2) social enjoyment of the outdoors.

With such a focused mission, it’s crucial that turnaround times for testing of arboviruses is easy, quick and efficient. To achieve results in minutes not days with a high accuracy, TMAD partnered with Pro-Lab Diagnostics to adopt a distinguished way that can produce in-house results. That in-house solution is called, ProAmpRT.


Community Health Plays an important Role

Colby Colona, MS is an upbeat and passionate Entomologist who has worked her way to Assistant Director of the TMAD. Part of Colby’s job is focused on mosquito control – trapping, sorting, inspecting, and shipping out for testing.

When TMAD is informed of a mosquito infestation, they will scan the area for volume to control. Once they have assessed the area and entrapped mosquitoes for sampling, the area will be sprayed to ensure community enjoyment.

After control, Colby’s team will sort and inspect the mosquitoes to be ready for testing of West Nile Virus. The testing process involves packing and shipping about half of the mosquito samples collected and sending those to be detected of any positives. After the samples are received, the testing lab will analyze the collected samples for any present arboviruses and notify TMAD of any positives. If positive samples are found, the community will be informed immediately to ensure public health safety in those areas.

This whole process will take approximately TWO weeks (You can learn more about that process here).

Colby knew that TMAD could help with this testing process by finding a solution that is quick, reliable, and accurate. She reached out to Pro-Lab Diagnostics to assist in this solution.


Real Time Results

In 2018, TMAD invested in an in-house testing solution specifically for the highly prevalent West Nile Virus. Wanting to be “proactive instead of reactive”, Colby shared with Pro-Lab Diagnostics how the LAMP Testing has “improved the testing process and eliminated turnaround time”.

TMAD is one of the first mosquito control districts in the state to adopt the technology manufactured by Pro-Lab Diagnostics, and Pro-Lab is pleased to share the results.

From taking TWO weeks to receive results of the collected samples, TMAD’s team can now collect, test, and receive results all in the same day, even within minutes. From testing ZERO samples a day to now testing THIRTY-TWO samples a day is a huge win for public health and safety of our local communities!


Pro-Lab Implements New Lab

After receiving the phone call from TMAD and determining the goals in mind, Pro-Lab Diagnostics’ team travelled out to Louisiana and set up a working lab to isolate and amplify genetic material to show the presence of West Nile Virus.

The workflow implemented consists of preparing reagents in the clean environment proved by Pro-Lab’s Class II A2 Biosafety Cabinets and PCR Hood, going through a process of centrifugation of the frozen collection of samples that are stored at -86C Freezer. Pipetting samples into the Genie II then reviewing the real time results that provide an official output of what is in the samples tested in less than 30 minutes.

The solutions that have been incorporated in this situation are designed to target detection of the organism’s RNAs, prevent contamination, and ensure accurate results. Pro-Lab’s high-quality lab equipment is made with the researcher in mind. Each product has all the components needed for ease of use and optimum solutions.

Click on each product name to learn more:








Evolving Modern Science

Pro-Lab Diagnostics is proud to be a resource when it comes to public health initiatives. Our products are being used all over the world for research, testing, surveillance and more. The process of working with Colby and her team to break barriers and evolve through modern science has been rewarding and inspiring.

Our team is ready to improve the lives of those who are working on innovative solutions to enhance the world around us for generations to come.

“Pro-Lab has been with me every step of the way. Their lab set up was seamless, and I am very happy with the continuous support and communication” - Colby Colona, MS. Tangipahoa Mosquito Abatement District.


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