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Hix Farm Brewery Customer Success Story

Posted by Sharidon Henley on May 1, 2018 4:59:45 PM
Sharidon Henley
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31381135_1382085085225174_6136063022373797888_oHix Farm Brewery is a local, farmhouse-style brewery, which specializes in high-gravity, craft creations. With concerns of yeast sterility, we were able to recommend one of our laminar flow hoods.

By employing the use of the hood, Hix Farm’s production team can maintain the sterility of its sample by ensuring that ambient air is directed in a laminar flow away from the sample and toward the user.

This process removes dust and other particulates, which might otherwise contaminate or disrupt the unique propagation of yeast cultures for their products.

Results are tasty and consistent brews... every time! 

The head brewmaster at Hix Farm Brewery says they chose to do business with us based on our value-pricing and the transparency of products and knowledge on our website.


Product purchased:  Vertical, Laminar Flow Hood/Clean Bench (PLS362)

pro-safe biosafety cabinet

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