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Sharidon Henley

Sharidon is a proud graduate of Texas A&M University, where she received her Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology and a Master of Public Health degree. While not buried in science books, she enjoys being outdoors with her boyfriend and their 2 dogs, traveling to new places, discovering a favorite wine, or partaking in other unique adventures... she stays passionately curious about the world around her.
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Hix Farm Brewery Customer Success Story

Hix Farm Brewery is a local, farmhouse-style brewery, which specializes in high-gravity, craft creations. With concerns of yeast sterility, we were able to recommend one of our laminar flow hoods.

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Microbank Organism Storage System

"The freezer bead solution."

Microbank is used for any organism or fungi, cryobeads bacteria, cryobank bead system, cryobeads, organism storage, preservation of bacterial culture in glycerol, long-term storage of bacterial cultures. Microbank uses porous ceramic beads in place of glass beads for bacterial and fungal culture cryopreservation.


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