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Daniel Portillo, COO

Daniel Portillo is a Clinical Laboratory Specialist and the COO of Pro-Lab Diagnostics. He has specialized in lab equipment and molecular diagnostics for over 10 years.

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What to Consider When Choosing a Laboratory Freezer


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How do Biosafety Cabinets Keep Researchers Safe?


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Microbank® – The Original Bead System



Have you ever considered a more efficient way to restore fastidious bacteria or track thousands of organisms stored for future use? The homemade versions of bacterial storage and recovery can [...]

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Microbank Organism Storage System

"The freezer bead solution."

Microbank is used for any organism or fungi, cryobeads bacteria, cryobank bead system, cryobeads, organism storage, preservation of bacterial culture in glycerol, long-term storage of bacterial cultures. Microbank uses porous ceramic beads in place of glass beads for bacterial and fungal culture cryopreservation.


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