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Working with Government Agencies: A Biotech CEO's Perspective

Posted by Robert J Rae, CEO on May 4, 2018 1:52:34 PM
Robert J Rae, CEO
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To keep moving forward, sometimes you have to follow.

Pro-lab, over the years, has worked with and done business with many different government agencies including the Centers for Disease Control CDC , FDA, USDA, NIH, and NASA - to name a few.

While we have heard many stories about working with the government, for Pro-Lab,  interacting with government agencies has been a very positive experience.

One should simply follow their instructions, and everything works out as it should. If someone tries to modify anything, the process suddenly stalls or gets very complicated. It’s hard not to push back against their "guidance", as it doesn’t make sense to non-agency types like us. That’s because we are not working with the same information as they are.

However, if we try to see the really big picture of what a government agency has to work with, and we try to follow their lead, it all becomes clear and you can keep moving forward.

Most of the time they really do want to help.

What has your experience been working with government agencies? Please share your thoughts in the comments below. Let's start a conversation. 

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